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So the man walks to the register and asks the employee,

"Excuse me sir, but can you tell me why that parrot costs $5,000 dollars?"

The employee says,

"Oh that parrot is extremely special, it's one of a kind.

Not only is it beautiful but it is bilingual. "

The man gives the employee a strange look and says,

"No way, there's no animal that could ever learn how to speak two languages!"

The employee smiles and says," Follow me I'll prove it."

The employee says, "go ahead pull on his right leg."

So the man pulls on the parrots right leg. The parrot says,

Hello, how are you ?".

The man smiles and says, "wow, cool, that's amazing!"

The employee then says," Go ahead pull on the left leg."

So the man pulls on the parrots left leg.

The parrot says, "Hola como estas?"

The man was so excited and overwhelmed and he says, "wow that is the coolest thing I've ever seen!"

"Please you've got to tell me what happens if I pull both of his legs?"

The parrot turns and looks at the man and says:

"Pues I fall down pendejo!"

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